Pink Clay Masks - What Makes Them A People’s Favorite

 We many times hear about the various types of clay, however, what makes Pink Clay so exceptional? To let you decide whether it's ideal for you, here is a short guideline on the various benefits of pink clay and how a pink clay mask can make your skin look beautiful, young and healthy!

Retention of Natural Oils

When it comes to skincare, pink clay is said to provide amazing benefits for sensitive skin. Known to be the most gentle of all other types of clay, pink clay is, in fact, good for all skin types, due to its extremely light texture; but profoundly therapeutic properties.

Unlike Green clay and other clay masks, which work to retain excess moisture and expel oiliness, a pink clay mask doesn't evacuate the skin's natural oils, making it ideal for tight, dry and dried out skin, which needs stimulus to stay hydrated. Rather, pink clay benefits skin by giving a boost of natural minerals, which help to replenish skin with the nourishment it needs to function well and hold moisture.

Key Skin Care Benefits

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin types, pink clay is a highly gentle mix of Red and White clay. Rich in minerals including Silica, masks of pink clay enables restoration and replenishment of the skin with moisture, flushes out pollutants and impurities and delicately exfoliates the complexion with its somewhat grainy texture.

Light on sensitive skin, a pink clay mask can even allow for decreasing irritation and inflammation from skin concerns, like, acne by soothing and balancing skin and stimulating healthy cell restoration. With its gentle peeling action, pink clay can also aid with minimizing blackheads, hormonal breakouts, and blockage, making it ideal for people with acne-prone skin. Because of its cleansing properties, pink clay is extensively used, not only for face masks but also for treatments and soaps to facilitate cleansing and refreshing dry, worn-out skin.


Pink clay is full of natural properties and minerals that your skin needs regularly, in order that it stays hydrated, nourished, and replenished. For getting a glowing, smooth skin a mask made from pink clay is your best bet.

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